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James W. Benson, SpaceDev founder, 1945-2008

Jim was my first cousin once removed.  I haven’t seen him since I was an infant, and I didn’t really know of him until my mother told me about him perhaps five years ago.  I wish I’d had a chance … Continue reading

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George Carlin, 12 May 1937 — 22 Jun 2008

Who else but George Carlin could have gotten the “seven dirty words” shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits into a Supreme Court decision? Carlin truly was a Man for the Millenium.

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R.I.P. George A. Michael, Father of Supercomputing, 16 February 1926 — 5 June 2008

I first met George Michael at a conference, and on several occasions we had interesting discussions about various computers including the DEC PDP-1. He had been in poor health for several years, and passed away last Thursday. Some of his … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke 16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008

Arthur C. Clarke invented the geostationary satellite, hence the designation of the circular orbit over the equator as the “Clarke Orbit”.  His science fiction has received many awards, including the Hugo and Nebula.

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R.I.P. Henry Horn, 8 August 2007

Henry Horn was the editor of HP Key Notes.  He was very well known in the HP calculator user community, and will be missed.

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Accident kills three Scaled Composites workers, injures three

The Los Angeles Times reports that an explosion at the Mojave airport killed three workers and injured three others, during a test of the propellant flow system for SpaceShipTwo. In 2004, SpaceShipOne became the first privately funded manned spacecraft, and … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Don Herbert AKA Mr. Wizard, 10 July 1917 — 12 June 2007

Timmy: “Are we gonna discover the secret of life, Mr. Wizard?” Mr. Wizard: “We will if we’re not careful, Timmy!” —”Mr. Wizard and Timmy” parody by Stevens & Grdnic I’m not old enough to have seen the original “Watch Mr. … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd’s members play at Syd Barrett tribute

As reported by the BBC, it wasn’t a reunion.  David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Rick Wright played together, and Roger Waters played solo. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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R.I.P. Wally Schirra, astronaut, 12 March 1923—3 May 2007

Wally Schirra flew on the Mercury 8, Gemini 6A, and Apollo 7 missions.

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God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut Jr., 11 November 1922 — 11April 2007. He’s up in heaven now. From “God Bless You Dr. Kevorkian”: I am honorary president of the American Humanist Association, having succeeded the late, great, spectacularly prolific writer and scientist, … Continue reading

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