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Blog unreliable due to Mariadb mysteriously exiting

This blog has been unavailable quite a bit because the database, Mariadb, keeps spontaneously exiting. I’m not sure why; there’s nothing in the logs to explain it. Some people suggest the Linux OOM killer will do that, but there are … Continue reading

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Suboptimal iPhone developer program license agreement

Apple wants me to accept a revised license agreement for the iPhone developer program.  Generally I want to save copies of all such agreements that I accept.  The web page as a link for a PDF copy of the license … Continue reading

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Suboptimal space program – NASA reverts to “English” units

Is my calendar malfunctioning?  It says May 29, but surely today must be April Fools Day.  NASA just issued a draft of a Constellation Program Management Directive which will establish “English” (imperial) units as the controlling units for nearly everything, … Continue reading

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Suboptimal Management at National Semiconductor

They’ve gone completely insane!  They’re laying off Bob Pease! “… a disaster of biblical proportions… real wrath of God type stuff…  Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!  Rivers and seas boiling!  Forty years of darkness!  Earthquakes!  Volcanoes!  The … Continue reading

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Google Latitude privacy

Google has taken steps to address the privacy concerns over their Latitude service, and most people seem to be satisfied.  One thing I’m slightly surprised about is that no one seems to be particularly suspicious of what their statement Google … Continue reading

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Leaders need to earn our respect

Asked about the Bush shoe incident, Liu Jianchao, spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said that all leaders deserve respect.  I’m sure that leaders would like to believe that, but actually, just like anyone else, they need to earn our respect.  … Continue reading

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Minimum grade IS grade Inflation, district’s claims notwithstanding

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, students now get a minimum grade of 50% for assignments and tests, even if their actual percentage score is lower.  District spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said If a student gets a … Continue reading

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Worried about chickens!

I was worried that I might no longer be able to get my daily fix, but it turns out that Savage Chickens just underwent a site redesign.

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Decline of the dollar

On a mailing list, someone suggested that no matter which candidate we elect in November, he or she will not be able to halt the decline of the dollar. Paul Ciszek replied: Imagine a foreign country called Dumfukistan. This country … Continue reading

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The suboptimal way to “win”

The California Lottery is running advertisements claiming that over a million Californians win the Super Lotto Plus each month. Obviously their definition of “win” is different than mine. I don’t think it can be counted a “win” for the month … Continue reading

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