RC2018/04 entry

For the next RetroChallenge, I plan to port the Infocom ZIP intepreter to the Apple III, to run games (including Zork) natively under the SOS operating system.

At the moment the floppy drive of my Apple III isn’t working properly, so I’ll have to fix that or replace it with one of my spares, though the spares aren’t necessarily in working order either. This evening I purchased a two-pack of inexpensive LED flashlights from Harbor Freight, and I plan to modify one, adding a PIC or AVR microcontroller, crystal, and NFET, to make a timing light for adjustment of motor speed. I hope that just adjusting the motor speed will be sufficient to get at least one of my floppy drives working; I don’t presently have a head alignment diskette.

In 1983, I mostly reverse-engineered the version 1, 2, and 3 (no revision letter) of the Infocom ZIP interpreters into source code that could be assembled using Microsoft ALDS on CP/M. Until recently, all that survived of that effort was a printed listing, which my friend Richard had preserved, and returned to me in 2002. I put a scanned PDF of the listing online, and . The listing has false conditionals disabled, so only the code for the version 3 interpreter is seen, with a two-instruction modification I made to display lower case. (Infocom’s 3A interpreter supported 80 column display with lower case on the Apple IIe.)

In the last few weeks, I retyped the source code, converted it to assemble with a modern cross-assembler, added back the conditionals for ZIP versions 1 and 2, and added the code for 3A and 3B. I’ve put it on Github. This source code will be used as the basis for the SOS port of the interpreter.

The display output and keyboard input code will have to be replaced with code that uses the .CONSOLE driver, and the disk I/O code, both for “story file” and save file access will have to be replaced with code that uses the SOS file system calls, which are similar to the ProDOS file system calls used on the Apple II.

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