ELF-CMOD-A7 runs its first actual program

After removing one solder bridge, cutting one trace, adding one wire*, and changing a few lines in a Xilinx constraints file, My RetroChallenge Elf project has now let me successfully toggle in and run its first simple program, which is my old dice program.

I also learned how to program the FPGA config into the SPI flash on the Cmod-A7 module, so that the Elf is available after every power up. Suprisingly this is more complicated with the newer Xilinx Vivado development software than it was with the older ISE.

I don’t have a tripod here, so I won’t be able to shoot a demo video until the weekend.

* I’m going to claim that having blue wire-wrap wire for the bodge matching the blue of the PCB soldermask is due to good planning. Couldn’t possibly just be a coincidence.

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