Video of demo of FPGA-Elf

Richard Ottosen used my cell phone to shoot a short video of me demonstrating the FPGA-Elf, toggling in and running the dice demo.

Thanks to Jim Donnelly, Richard Ottosen, and Jim Phillips for helping me put together the FPGA-Elf front panel!  I never would have been able to get the project completed by the deadline without their help.  I lost almost two weeks of the schedule to jury duty, and spent most of the remaining time hacking the VHDL code for the FPGA.

Had more time been available, I would have painted the aluminum, laser-etched switch legends, and done a nicer job on the wiring.  I originally had hoped to implement the CDP1861 “Pixie” graphics chip, to show some graphics games.  Maybe I can do all that for a future RetroChallenge.

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