Obtaining 1/8″ aluminum

Many people recommended ALRECO in Henderson, Colorado (near Brighton) as a source for aluminum.  I haven’t been there, but I’m sure they would have been able to satisfy my needs.  However, before I found out about them, I discovered that one can buy a 12 inch by 24 inch sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum from Amazon, and that it’s even eligibile for Amazon Prime shipping.  It’s actually a product sold by Small Parts Inc., but they are using Amazon for fulfillment.

At $52, it’s a lot more expensive than other alternatives.  However, for my situation it was ideal.  I’m in Colorado, but I needed the aluminum to be in Oregon.  I was able to get it there overnight for $56.  If I’d purchased it locally and shipped it myself, it would  have cost more than that.

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