Suboptimal iTunes video downloading

I was just watching some of the “Get a Mac” advertisements on the Apple web site yesterday. They’re quite entertaining.

Before I went to bed last night, I told iTunes to download a bunch of the iPhone development videos. After the first one had finished downloading, I watched it while others continued downloading.

I just checked on it, and about halfway through the download queue it stopped downloading. It consecutively reported four errors on each one, including three “Unable to check for purchases. An unknown error occurred (1001).” messages and one “There was a problem downloading ‘iPhone Development Introduction / iPhone Tech Talks / Apple Developer Connection’. An unknown error occurred (8003). Please check that the connection to the network is active and try again.”

The network is working fine, as can be seen by my ability to post this blog entry from Safari on the Mac. However, when I asked iTunes to download the videos again, it just reported the same four errors for each file, one at a time, so I had to click “OK” about 32 times, even though I didn’t think it was OK.

I tried logging in to the iTunes store again, but that didn’t fix it, and I had to click through 32 error dialogs again. Next I tried quitting the iTunes application and restarting it. It forgot what videos I’d asked it to download, so I had to select them again, and then it got the same cryptic download errors again. So finally I rebooted the Mac, logged into the iTunes store again, selected the videos, and started downloading them again, and of course got to click through 32 error dialogs yet again.

So, Mac, I thought you said that these kind of problems only happened with PC?

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3 Responses to Suboptimal iTunes video downloading

  1. WebSpin says:

    So it’s not just me! What is the deal here? Have you been able to get these ADC videos? I had them working last week, and now I cannot access them. I’m in the middle of some safari iphone web-app development and now I have to resort to reading the PDFs! Have you had any luck or stumbled upon a workaround?

  2. ivan says:

    I’m experiencing the same exact problem with the ADC videos, mainly the ones for web apps. Any workarounds? Please share… thanks

  3. George says:

    Hi Guys,

    If it’s any consolation, I too am facing the same exact problem. In fact that’s how I found this posting.

    I am NOT a mac user and I am getting more and more intrigued by Apple’s innovation and also its stable development environment. I am currently considering investing into Mac PC/Device software development.

    BUT…. this problem is getting in the way i guess. I totally agree with Eric… “So, Mac, I thought you said that these kind of problems only happened with PC?”

    Apple: I hope you are listening.

    Guys I have tried everything I possibly can but still facing the same problem.

    Please share solution if you guys find any and I will do the same.

    Good luck!


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