Buying Tools the Suboptimal Way

I need a 3/16″ thin-wall nut driver, and found that Wiha appears to make what I need. I’ve been happy with other tools from Wiha, so I ordered one from Chad’s Toolbox on January 2, with normal ground shipping. They notified me that they shipped it on January 4, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for it since then. It finally arrived today.

Unfortunately, when I opened the package I discovered that I’d mistakenly ordered the 3/32″ driver.

Now I’m even more impatient, so I ordered the correct one from Micro-Tools, which is geographically closer to me, so perhaps it won’t take so long to get here.

Note that I don’t have any complaint with Chad’s Toolbox. I ordered the wrong thing, and USPS is slow, but neither problem are the fault of Chad’s Toolbox. I’ll probably order other tools from them in the future.

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  1. Richard Bruno says:

    These people are or person is a moron! I bought $131.07 worth of Wera electricians tools. I got the tracking number and the package was listed as delivered by the post office. I never got the package. But I did get video from 2 cameras in my driveway that show the mailman was parked across the street for over four minutes and never came to my house to deliver. I have filed 2 claims with the post office and am now considering calling the police. Through this entire ordeal I am going through, with my back injury, etc. Guess where chuds toolbox is? They ignored my emails and phone calls. When I reported the dispute to PayPal, they won the case, citing proof of delivery!! How do I know they even shipped what I paid for, after reading the reviews here? CHUD. l will consider removing this feedback, WHEN I get my money back! This will not be my last review of you by any stretch of the imagination! Instead of filing a claim with USPS, you called my order a fraudulent transaction and hung me out to dry!

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