Nonpareil release 0.78

This is just a minor release to fix build problems.  Two missing semicolons were added to src/kmly.y because some versions of Bison complained about them.  The GDK initialization in src/str2png.c was replaced with GObject initialization, so that str2png doesn’t require an X server to be present at Nonpareil build time.

There is no change to the actual Nonpareil code.  Nonpareil development continues slowly.  Aside from work and school, I have a higher priority personal project that will probably prevent me from finishing the next major Nonpareil release until spring.

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  1. Dixon Hoyle says:

    Trying to build this on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) I found problems with SCons 0.77. I waded through some of them, but floundered on a syntax error on line 96 of SConscript: str2png_srcs = Split (“””str2png.c”””). The error pointed to the last “s” in str2png_srcs. I went back and forth looking for “typos” in SConscript and str2png.c, but found none. Using google I stumbled upon a newer version of SConscript you’d written. That reqauired I go to the debian repository and upgrade to SCons 0.78, which I did, but that brought a host of new error messages. I’ve given up for now because I don’t want to upgrade to too many “unstable” package upgrades. I love the port of the HP-15c to the iPhone. I own two working HP-15c’s, but a “hacked” iPhone pretty well does all I need to do with the weight of a pocket sized PDA for me, and that’s more than a 15-c can now do.

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