Nonpareil progress

I haven’t written about Nonpareil in over six months. There’s been some progress, but it’s been very slow due to work and school. I’ve been improving the build system (SCons-based), and hacking up a new “Cbutton” widget for the calculator buttons and slide switches, based on the GtkButton widget. This will allow for much better looking illustration-based calculator appearance; formerly the 41C family and Voyager calculators used illustrations by Maciej Bartosiak, and the others used photos from the Museum of HP Calculators (by permission). Now I’ll be switching to using the illustrations for all models.

I’m considering adding support for SVG (vector-based) illustrations in the future; right now they are all PNG format (raster).

I hope to have a new release ready in time for the HHC 2006 conference in about three weeks. The release will add support for the HP-22 and HP-27 models.

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