First non-RPN calculator in Nonpareil

Thanks to a ROM image and code provided by HrastProgrammer, Nonpareil will soon support its first non-RPN calculator, the TI-57.

Since non-RPN calculators (even the HP-01 and HP-10) aren’t really consistent with the name Nonpareil, I’ve decided to put them into an optional “downgrade pack”.

I’m not sure whether the TI-57 will make it into the next release, which I’m trying to finish up this month. If not, it will be in the following release.

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One Response to First non-RPN calculator in Nonpareil

  1. brahim EL-FARHANE says:


    I receveid today an email fromHrastProgrammer.

    It will be very great, if you can make thisTI57 emulator.


    —– Message transféré de HrastProgrammer —–
    Date : Sat, 18 Nov 2006 07:15:32 +0100
    De : HrastProgrammer
    Adresse de retour :HrastProgrammer
    Sujet : Re: TI57E
    À : brahim.elfarhane=
    > Thank you for your response.
    > Are you going to add new functinalities like:
    > graphic Skin
    > save et load TI57 pgms
    > a pocket PC version ?

    You are talking about Windows version of the emulator (which I used during
    the development only)?

    No, I don’t have any plans to work on it in the future. I am only interested
    in HP-48GX and HP-49G versions of my emulators.

    I sent my code to Eric Smith and he will incorporate it into his Nonpareil
    project with my permission:

    Best regards.

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