Retrochallenge RC2016/01 entry – vector display system

For RC2016/01, I’m going to hook up an old vector display (the retro part) to a modern microcontroller and either write a new game for it or port an old one. Gee, that sounds kinda familiar. Didn’t someone try to do that for RC2015/07, and have only partial success? I suppose I may as well beat my head against the wall for a while again in January.

I’ll attempt to get Dave Kruglinski’s 8080 Spacewar running, as published (with source code) in his article “How to Implement Space War” in the October 1977 issue of _Byte_ magazine. As part of RC2015/07 I got the source code to cross assemble, but I haven’t actually run it, either on real hardware or in simulation.

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